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Brixton Pilates Studios

June 4, 2018
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The 8 Best Brixton Pilates Studios

Pilates is a brilliant way to sweat away an hour or two. For your perspiration delectation, the team at GoSweat has rounded up eight of the best Pilates studios in Brixton.


Pepilates | GoSweat | The 5 Best Brixton Pilates Studios

Why Sweat Here? Pepilates offers classic Pilates without fuss or muss; their philosophy follows that of Joseph Pilates, the man behind it all. With classes to suit every level and ability, Pepilates is a warm, relaxed, budget-friendly environment to experience the burn for the first time. 

Pilates on offer: Private and group classes, pregnancy Pilates, and classes on mats or with equipment.

Locations: Clapham and Wimbledon.

Price: Prices start at £12 for a group mat taster class.

ReFRAME Pilates

ReFRAME Pilates | GoSweat | The 5 Best Brixton Pilates Studios
ReFRAME Pilates

Why Sweat Here? ReFRAME Pilates classes are hosted by guru Holly Spence, who trained with the prestigious Body Control Pilates in Central London. You can sweat assured that she knows her stuff. Holly’s not averse to furthering her training, so there are always fantastic opportunities to learn something new.

Pilates on offer: Birkbeck Pilates, Mum and Baby Pilates, mat classes, and pregnancy Pilates.

Locations: Bloomsbury, Herne Hill, and Brixton.

Price: Prices start at £8 for a Birkbeck mat taster class.


effraspace, Pilates Brixton | GoSweat

Why Sweat Here? Located between Brixton and Herne Hill, effraspace is a unique family venue. Their lunchtime Pilates Body-Control class is a wonderful way to fit in a quick practice during the day. Working through mat exercises, to help you tone and strengthen your body, and also work on establishing form and technique to avoid injury.

Pilates on offer: Mat Pilates.

Locations: Herne Hill and Brixton.

Price: Prices start at £12 for a drop-in class.

Fison Fitness

Fison Fitness, Pilates Brixton | GoSweat
Fison Fitness

Why Sweat Here? Fison Fitness is not your typical gym. You will not find a single treadmill, bike, cross trainer or rows of machines. The team there’s main goal is to help you become fitter. In their pilates class you’ll be taught body awareness, which helps create efficient and graceful movement in everyday life. As well as helping correct bad habits, pilates also compliments other types of exercise.

Pilates on offer: Mat Pilates.

Locations: Herne Hill and Brixton.

Price: Prices start at £12 for a drop-in class.

Body Alliance

Body Alliance | GoSweat | The 5 Best Brixton Pilates Studios
Body Alliance

Why Sweat Here? Body Alliance is an incredible studio if you’re looking for a Pilates class to tame an injury or correct posture. These guys are true experts when it comes to flexibility, core strength, and sweatability. Providing mat and equipment work, Body Alliance has a class for everyone.

Pilates on offer: Fitness Pilates, pre and postnatal Pilates, postural Pilates, and Pilates for stress.

Location: Various, including Brixton.

Price: Prices start at £11 for a mat session.

Holistic Body Focus

Holistic Body Focus, Pilates Brixton | GoSweat
Holistic Body Focus

Why Sweat Here? Holistic Body Focus is run by Hannah, who trained to the highest standard with the Pilates Foundation. Hannah’s classes are fun and engaging, and are adapted to suit who she has on the mat in front of her, offering a person-centred approach.

Pilates on offer: Mat Pilates.

Locations: Clapham North, Clapham Junction, and Brixton.

Price: Prices start at £15 for a drop-in class.

Synchronicity Yoga Studios

Synchronicity Yoga Studios | GoSweat | The 5 Best Brixton Pilates Studios
Synchronicity Yoga Studios

Why Sweat Here? Don’t be fooled by its name — Synchronicity runs Pilates courses at its dedicated yoga space too. This calming, friendly retreat is a great place to get to grips with all kinds of Pilates moves, and its classes are designed to fit around your busy schedule.

Pilates on offer: Mixed Pilates classes.

Location: Clapham and Stockwell

Price: Prices set by individual trainers. Classes must be booked in advance.

Studio One

Studio One Pilates | GoSweat | The 5 Best Brixton Pilates Studios
Studio One Pilates

Why Sweat Here? Studio One is a bright, friendly, and calming atmosphere in which to learn some of the most popular and effective techniques around. There are plenty of classes to choose from, and numerous opportunities to extend your knowledge — and flexibility!

Pilates on offer: Mat and equipment Pilates, pre and postnatal Pilates, and acro-balance.

Location: Forest Hill.

Price: Prices start at £10 for a taster mat class, and £15 for a drop-in session.

As you can see, Brixton is a happening place when it comes to the best Pilates on offer in London. The only thing you need worry about now is which of our top five studios you’ll explore first. Now, it’s time to go sweat it out!

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