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Braww. - Never Do The Same Fitness Class Twice

March 14, 2019
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Based in North London, Braww. is a health and wellbeing organisation that understands the road to achieving the ideal body is a combination between fitness, a healthy lifestyle and a strong mindset. The following is our interview with Thomas, one of the team members at Braww.:

What do you wish other people knew about Brawww?

We want people to enjoy and have fun at our classes. Where the participants have both the health benefits of exercise but also go back to their childhood with light competition and fitness games. A place that is not just for physical gain but one that will also challenge your mind and many other aspects of your overall being. You will be able to not only meet but also bond with your fellow members and bounce off of each other to reach your goals.

What inspired you to start teaching?

We grew our inspiration for these particular classes because of how frustrated we found people were with the generic and mundane fitness classes that they often find in their own gyms. The all too common ‘on and off circuits’ and ‘one size fits all’ classes have become overused and are now copy and pasted into classes all too frequently. Therefore we wanted to offer people an alternative way to enjoy fitness where they always look forward to the next class. All of which are fun and varied.

What has surprised you most about teaching?

The reaction from our members has been the most positively surprising aspect to teaching. We had full faith in our class model, however the energy and engagement we have received during the classes has definitely surpassed our expectations. Also the ability to adapt the class to different environments has been a great surprise to us. Participants are very pleased to find that the class can work within a small hall, an outside space or even within an office. This has meant more people are able to enjoy the sessions from all walks of life.

As a teacher, what do you feel you have bragging rights to?

The fact that we are able to combine strenuous exercise with entertaining and lively methods to apply it has been a huge advantage to everyone involved. It has been a combination that few people have been able to experience and therefore keeps people coming back. The thing that we are most proud of is that people have now found a way to enjoy getting fit. Where members now relish taking part in exercise and it even sets them on an upward trajectory to make more positive changes to their life outside the class. This has been a huge boasting point for us at Braww.

What's your personal philosophy on exercise?

Our personal philosophy of exercise is that it is just one element that helps supplement the human being as a whole. Exercise is a key aspect that should be seen as one rung on the ladder towards a happy and healthy life as a whole. We are firm believers that everyone needs to take the time to find out which type of exercise works for you, your body and your mind. As every person has varying individual differences and needs it is important to find what works for you. Therefore when it comes to exercise we try to stress that you must train your mind at the same time. As the two work simultaneously, the mind can be a huge hurdle to taking part in any form of exercise. This is why we try our best to work both entities during each class.

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