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Boxing Gyms Near Me

September 26, 2017
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The Lowdown on Boxing Gyms Near Me

There’s a stigma attached to boxing that it’s a sport for throwing punches and little else, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed, while almost anyone could make a good attempt at punching out in anger or frustration, boxing requires stamina, speed, and agility, not to mention self-control. Oh, and did we mention that boxing will provide an excellent workout in the process? You don’t have to have aspirations of fighting to be able to enjoy boxing!

The benefits of boxing

There are a number of health benefits of boxing, including improved cardiovascular health and performance, improved hand-eye coordination, increasing body strength, decreased stress and anxiety, and improved body composition. In short, your posture will improve, you’ll find yourself fitter than ever before, and you’re going to sweat – a lot. Indeed, boxing is a fantastic cardio workout. Those suffering from stress are often drawn to boxing for its ability to relieve tension, and it’s a sport that’s certainly worth exploring if you need to unwind and let loose once in a while.

The team at GoSweat has compiled a shortlist of just three of London’s boxing gyms near me, which we hope will help you to discover, and embrace, a new way of sweating very soon...

Rooney’s Boxing Gym

Types of session on offer: Boxing fitness, personal training, white-collar training, ladies boxing, and pro boxing.

Why sweat here? John Rooney Jr. has coached many a championship boxer, and founded a gym that truly reflects his passion for the sport. Whether you’re looking to box or explore boxing for fitness, the gym’s coaches are dedicated to improving your overall health and wellbeing, and confidence. There’s a real emphasis on self-discipline, fun, and self-belief, which will appeal to everyone.

Location: Newington.

Price: Prices start at £12 for pay-as-you-train sessions, with memberships from £50 a month.

Miguel’s Boxing and Fitness Gym

Types of session on offer: Beat the Fat boxing, white-collar boxing, classes for kids, ladies, and over 60s, personal training, and HIT circuits.

Why sweat here? Billing itself as London’s friendliest gym, Miguel’s offers a number of classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students; whether you’re looking to beat the fat, improve your health, or make waves in boxing circles, there’s a class for you here. Miguel’s is all about positivity, and bettering your body.

Location: Brixton.

Price: Boxing classes start at £10 for beginners, with pay as you go gym sessions from £8.

Urban Warriors Academy

Types of session on offer: Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, combat conditioning, rope burn classes, LiFT, circuits, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Why sweat here? The Urban Warriors Academy is a functional fitness gym, as well as a mixed martial arts venue. This means you’ll receive a balanced workout, with plenty of moves focused on bettering your body. The gym’s class list is comprehensive, making it an ideal venue if you’re not quite sure what you want from your workout just yet. It’s time to get your sweat on and find out.

Location: Vauxhall.

Price: Prices start at £15 per drop in class, or £50 per month for a membership.

So you see, fitness boxing doesn’t have to result in a fight every time; the sport is just as beneficial when you’re shadow boxing with no one else around. There are numerous boxing outlets across London, with those listed above among the best. Where you train is up to you, but make sure you’re getting your sweat on.

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