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Bikram Yoga Near Me

June 5, 2018
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The Best Bikram Yoga Near Me

Sometimes known as hotpod yoga or simply hot yoga, bikram yoga was developed from the ancient art of hatha yoga by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. Focusing on the same 26 movements, bikram yoga was created to centre mind and body, while easing breathing and improving circulation. Like traditional yoga in many of its movements, bikram yoga has one major difference: it’s practiced in heated studios, which can reach between 35 and 42 degrees Celsius. Wow, that’s bound to make anyone sweat!

Here are just five of the best bikram yoga studios near me…

Bikram Yoga Near Me

Hot Power Yoga @ Clapham Common

Types of yoga on offer: Hot Power Yoga for all abilities.

Why sweat here? Hot Power Yoga describes its classes as vigorous, yet accessible. The studio hosts sessions for all ages and abilities, and will always ensure that you’re having fun as you workout. Bikram yoga is an incredible class for anyone hoping to strengthen and harmonise mind and body, and there are certainly worse environments than this bright, airy, and welcoming venue.

Location: Clapham.

Price: Prices start at just £15 per drop-in.

The House of Yoga

Types of yoga on offer: All kinds of yoga, from hot power vinyasa flow and kickasana, to yin yoga and meditation.

Why sweat here? As you’d imagine from its name, The House of Yoga is all about community and the sense of spirit that people create when they come together with a shared goal. Accessible for all, the classes on offer at this studio are thorough yet restorative; you’ll leave the class a lot sweatier, and far more enlightened than you entered.

Location: Putney.

Price: Prices start at £35 for an introductory one-month membership.

The Yoga Edge

Types of yoga on offer: Hot dynamic yoga for all abilities.

Why sweat here? Established in 2012, the Yoga Edge boasts friendly and approachable staff members, who are willing and able to teach just about anyone the deep, relaxing benefits of hot yoga. Divided into abilities, each class will enable its participants to focus on breathing, posture, and harmony, while ensuring you’re sweating buckets.

Location: Crystal Palace.

Price: Prices start at £16 for a drop-in session.

Hotpod Yoga @ Brixton

Types of yoga on offer: Hot yoga for all abilities.

Why sweat here? Launched in 2013, this particular hotpod yoga studio offers daily classes, meaning there’s always something going on when you’re ready to hit the gym – or class, in this case. Catering for all ages and abilities, this franchisee of the HotPod Yoga phenomenon offers sessions in 37 degree Celsius heat. Things are about to get hot; don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Location: Brixton.

Price: A package of five classes costs £60.

Hot Yoga Wimbledon

Types of yoga on offer: Bikram yoga, warm vinyasa and slow flow yoga, and yoga crossfit.

Why sweat here? All of the instructors at Hot Yoga Wimbledon have been specially chosen for their passion, knowledge, and experience, which means you’re always assured of a fantastic session. What’s more, the studio space is light, bright, and airy; the perfect environment to be getting down and sweaty any day of the week.

Location: Wimbledon.

Price: Drop-in sessions start at £16 for an hour.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll feel a little sweaty simply thinking about bikram yoga. Ideal for anyone looking to lose a little weight as they tone and limber up, hot yoga has been gathering popularity across London in recent years. When will you discover it?

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