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Balham Yoga Studios

October 18, 2019
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The 2 Best Balham Yoga Studios

If you’re looking to counteract the stresses of life, and stretch out those aching muscles, book in for some zen time at these Balham Yoga studios, for as little as £5 a class.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, discover fitness near you with GoSweat.

ReCentre Health

ReCentre Health | GoSweat | The 4 Best Balham Yoga Studios
Image: RecCentre Health

Why Sweat Here? ReCentre offer safe, effective classes, which acknowledge that humans are made up of a complex system of physical body, mindful activity and more subtle energies. Each class includes time for stillness whether through relaxation or sitting in brief meditation.

Types of Yoga on offer: Yoga Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Flow, Hatha Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga Locations: Bloomsbury, Herne Hill, and Brixton.

Location: Balham

Price: £15 drop-in

Revive Yoga Tooting

Yoga with Chloe  | GoSweat | The 4 Best Balham Yoga Studios
Image: Revive Yoga Tooting

Why Sweat Here? Revive Yoga offers a dynamic warm up, followed by a series of postures/asanas (which vary week to week). These classes will give you a workout, a stretch, but also a mental detox; allowing you chance to unwind, release stress.

Types of Yoga on offer: Dynamic Yoga

Location: Tooting

Price: £10 drop-in


As you can see, Balham is a happening place when it comes to the best Yoga on offer in London. The only thing you need worry about now is which of our top four studios you’ll explore first. Now, it’s time to go sweat it out!


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