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A New Way to Search for Gyms Near Me

July 17, 2019
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GoSweat: A New Way to Search for Gyms Near Me

So, you want to sweat but you’re not sure of the best gym facilities nearby, or which venue offers the kind of things you’re looking for? That’s quite a conundrum! We’re all being told to work harder, push further and get fitter, but undertaking such a task is almost impossible if you’re not armed with the right information. Sure, there’s Google, but who wants to spend hours searching for a gym when the answer could have been right in front of you the whole time? GoSweat has that answer, and we’re excited to share it with you.


So, how does it work?

The premise behind GoSweat is as simple as one, two, three — or what, where, and when in this case. With our site you’ll be able to filter your search results based on your location, budget, and sweaty requirements. Your wish, quite literally, becomes our command.


From gyms with pools to free gyms, studio facilities to the very best classes near you, our database is a comprehensive one; by searching our site you’ll find just about any means of sweating you can think of, filtered for ease of use.


GoSweat is designed to be a local search engine, which means it finds the best classes and gym facilities near YOU. Simply tell us where you live, or where you work, and we’ll find a gym that’s within easy reach for those spontaneous workouts.


When do you want to attend the gym? Is there a particular time of day you find more inspiring? Our search engine will reveal the gyms that are open later, the classes that run at the weekends, and the upcoming events you’re most likely to be interested in.

We’re incredibly proud of our site, particularly our ability to bring you real-time reviews from other users. Not only can we tell you what gyms you’re likely to find appealing, but we can back up those details with honest, open reviews from people who have been there. We’re budget friendly, too. Simply tell us how much you’d like to spend and we’ll find the facilities that are going to tick all of your boxes. GoSweat brings you a new way to sweat that’s honest, comparable, and suited to you — could you ask for anything more?

Check out our discovery page, which includes a nifty video. We can’t wait to tell you how we’re able to help the next step of your sweaty story.

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As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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