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Could you work out for 365 days?

July 17, 2019
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Could you work out for 365 days? The GoSweat Founders can...

Working out every day for a whole year not possible, you say? You haven’t met GoSweat Founders Alex and Steph. From the 1st of January this year, they have been getting their sweat on every single day (yes, really), from leisurely yoga to intense weight-training sessions to team sports, it seems they’ve done it all, and now they have less than 100 days left to go of their challenge. Here’s what Steph from GoSweat had to say about 365 days of sweat:

GoSweat | Alex Hind

What is the 365 challenge and why are you doing it?

The 365 challenge involves us doing 365 consecutive days of fitness. We started on the 1st January 2017 and are going to work out every day for the whole of 2017, ending on the 1st January 2018 - although in all likelihood we won’t ‘end’ it, but just continue the challenge, as we’ve enjoyed it so much! We’re doing the challenge for three reasons: 

1. For GoSweat: Through this challenge we are getting to spend time with our sports providers (the people listed on GoSweat who offer fitness classes) and our users (the people who work out at those classes). This gives us an opportunity to engage with our customers, and observe how people do fitness; what they enjoy, how they interact, etc. It also gives us a chance to spread the word about GoSweat in the best places, and receive first-hand feedback, which is invaluable.

2. For us: Doing 365 days of sport does amazing things to your mind, body and general wellbeing. Especially when you include as much variety as we have. I’m sure if we had just done one type of sport, we’d be champs at that by now, but doing something different most days means we’ve never been bored, and now have a real breadth of knowledge about what’s out there. 

3. For charity: Who wouldn’t use such a crazy challenge to raise awareness (and money) for a great cause? We’re fundraising for Sports Aid, who support young British sportsmen and women. We haven’t been pushing our JustGiving page at all yet since a year is a long time to keep momentum, but we’ll revisit it when we’re closer to the end of the challenge and encourage people to donate. If you’d like to help us get a head start, you can visit our page here! -

GoSweat | Alex Hind

In general, how has the challenge been? How’s your motivation?

It’s funny how quickly something becomes normal, and just a part of your life. Because we’ve set the challenge for ourselves we know we have to do it, and we just make time for it no matter what. Sure, that can be stressful, inconvenient and just plain horrible (like the time I was ill and literally had to sweat it out). But most of the time we just get on with it and actually really enjoy it, because as the cliché saying goes: “The only workout you’ll regret, is the one you don’t do”.Motivation levels are high, and that’s mainly down to keeping things fresh with different routines, different exercises and different locations. I’ve just done a stint of 20 days of yoga. I loved it and have really perfected my downward dog, but I’m looking forward to trying something else now. ‍

What’s the biggest difficulty you’ve come across so far?

Honestly, it’s been the hassle of finding sports and fitness opportunities, which has further proved to us that GoSweat is going to be so essential for fitness lovers. When you have to rely on word-of-mouth, or even just knowing where classes are, it can take the enjoyment out of discovering something new. That’s why I’m so excited to launch GoSweat. I’ll be our first customer for sure!

GoSweat | Stephanie Newport-Booth

What workouts have you come across that you didn’t already know about?

I’d never heard of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) before I started, and now I love it. It basically involves you wearing a kind of linen wetsuit, with electric points. Your muscles are then contracted whilst you work out, the idea being that the electric shock stimulates your muscles more and improves your workout. I’m not sure on the science but it’s definitely fun, a bit different, and causes some serious muscle soreness the next day, so it must be doing something good!

Any doubts that you’ll make it to the end of the challenge?

No doubt we’ll make it, but there are a couple of obstacles in our way. One being an excursion to the Arctic. We’re not too sure where and how we’re going to fit in burpees alongside the polar bears, but it will make one hell of a photo!

GoSweat | Alex Hind

What’s been your biggest motivator throughout?

Completion. When we started we weren’t sure how feasible it was going to be to actually work out every day for a whole year, and we thought that surely things would get in our way?! But as the year continued and day 1 of GoSweat365 turned into day 100, it was that feeling of ‘we must complete this’ which has driven me.

What changes have you seen in your body over the last 9 months?

There are so many reasons I took on this challenge, but body image wasn’t one of them. Not because I’m super confident about my body, but because I think exercise brings so much more than just a smaller waist.

Within the first month of GoSweat365 I went from 74kg down to 60kg. Since then I’ve lost fat, put on muscle, and have levelled out at a healthy 68kg during the challenge so far.

GoSweat | Stephanie Newport-Booth

How about any inner changes?

This has been where the biggest change has happened for sure. I now see exercise as a part of everyday life, which means that no matter how busy I am or what else is going on, I always find time for myself. That’s been really refreshing because so often the day just gets away from us, and we aren’t too sure where we lost track of time. At least with this I’ve got one thing every day that I know I’m proud of and can feel positive about.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to do a similar challenge?

Plan out your exercises at least 2 weeks, ideally a month, in advance. It can get really boring if you’re having to find things to do last minute, because most of the time the fun classes are booked up early. Luckily this problem will become so much easier once GoSweat has launched!

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Caitlin is a freelance writer based in London, and spends her time enjoying mid-week fitness adventures and regular travel. She loves bouldering, good old fashioned walking, and dreams of one day running the Rome Marathon. You can read her blogs about freelance life on Desk Life Project.

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