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31 Days | 31 Ways

January 16, 2018
What's Hot?

Jan 2018 = 31 Days of Sweat

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year, and this is your ticket to sweat… While the rest of London is making rigorous plans to stick to a regimented exercise schedule, why not make January your chance to try some brand new classes and sports events? Here are a few, 31 in fact, we think you’ll like - one for each day of January! 

Day 1: 3K/10K Serpentine Run in Kew Gardens, 11.00 - Later

GoSweat | Serpentine 10K Run

Taking place in iconic Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens, this 10K run will be kicking off whilst many people are still enjoying 2017, or what they can remember of it... There is a 3K option (just £5) for those not feeling too energetic after 7 days of Mince Pies and Mulled Wine (fair). So whether you plan to trot around, or are looking to kick start your New Year with a PB, blow away the cobwebs with an early morning run! 

At £20 for the 10K Run and just £5 for the 3K Run, it’s a real steal - book here before the tickets sprint away (pun intended)!

Day 2: Tai Chi Yan Style with Kevin Moloney in Streatham, 20:00 - 21:30

GoSweat | Tai Chi Kevin Moloney

The second day, and a jump into the unknown. Tai Chi skills zero? Ours too. But fear not, you’ll be in the experienced hands of Kevin Moloney. His 18 years experience puts our minds at ease…. for now at least!The class is designed around your skill level (or lack of it) and incorporates the basics of Tai Chi - Guny Jing (energy building exercises), Chi Gong (breathing exercises) and Pushing Hands (pair based exercises that build awareness of the body structures Tai Chi Uses). .

The class takes places in The Harris City Academy in Streatham, and Kevin and his team are kind enough to offer a Free Taster Session. So why not try something this New Year (you might just love it), and book your space here.  

Day 3: Kali Silat with BAMA in Clapham 21:00 - 22:00

GoSweat | Kali Silat BAMA

3rd Jan, and another new way to get sweaty - Kalil Silat.

Kalil what?Kalil is a synthesis of several different Filipino Martial Arts, brought together to create a unique Martial Art, often utilising weapons. The exact definition of what is included insights much debate. Silat focuses on joint manipulation, weapons and throws.

The idea of combining the two is to learn the best elements of multiple Martial Arts, to create an effective urban fighting system. Fortunately, this class is beginner friendly, so don’t worry about being new (or getting hurt). 

Book your Free Taster Session here.  

Day 4: Women’s Rugby Training with Barnes RFC in Barnes, 19:30 - 21:00

GoSweat | Barnes Women Rugby

One for the ladies! Join the friendly Women at Barnes Rugby Club for a training session like no other. Whether you’re a rugby pro or a new timer, head over, for a ball throwing, bag hitting, muddy workout. No experience is required.

The men also have a team who play at a good standard, so everybody is welcome. Food and drinks are often shared afterwards at a great traditional rugby club.

Sign-up for your Free Taster Session here.

Day 5: Silent Disco Bootcamps with Fitter You in Clapham, 9:30 - 10:30

GoSweat | Silent Disco Bootcamp Fitter You

5 Days into the New Year and you’re ready to party already? We feel you! So today we’re working up a sweat at a Silent Disco Bootcamp!

Turn up and you'll receive a pair of wireless headphones, through which you'll hear the instructions and amazing music. An amazing playlist and choreograph exercises that work perfectly with each song. Expect to hear Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah, Katy B, Icona Pop, Marina and the Diamonds, Freemasons, Nick Jonas, Lady Gaga - in short, AMAZING.

What are you waiting for, sign-up for your Free Taster Session here!

Day 6: Outdoor Bootcamp with Beyond Boundaries in Battersea, 9:00 - 10:00

GoSweat | Beyond Boundaires

It’s the first Saturday of the New Year and things are hotting up (well not literally, it’s still freezing)! Today we’re heading back to Battersea Park but for a different type of cardio than the 10K Run we did on Monday! Today we’re doing a Fun (seriously) Bootcamp, that’s all about combining fitness with adventure. Whatever your level of fitness, the inspirational instructors will motivate you to do your best - whether that’s one burpee or a hundred!

Sign-up for your Free Taster here!

Day 7: Blaze Conditioning with Hub Performance in Clapham, 10:00 - 11:00

GoSweat | Hub Performance

7 days in and you might be feeling the burn (it’s normal don’t worry). So today join us at Hub Performance, for a Small Group Training session, where you can really focus on you (and your body). Blaze is a total fitness training class, mixing resistance training and aerobic intervals to create the perfect mix of strength and conditioning.

Classes are small, so spaces fill quick. To avoid disappointment - book your Free Taster spot here!

Day 8: Fight Klub with Fuse in Brixton, 19:15 - 20:15

GoSweat | Fight Klub Fuse

A week in and it’s time to PARTYYY! Fight Klub, run by the folks at Fuse Fitness, is a fun workout to music which uses a combination of boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing. It’s great for both individuals and groups, and you’ll work out with shared punch bags to meet others at the session. Exercise, have fun, and definitely relieve stress with this class. Then head straight into the ab workout class which follows it. Can you complete 1,000 ab variation movements in 30 minutes? You will after this workout.

Your first class is free as a taster session, and takes place in Brixton. Find out more and register here.

Day 9: Muay Thai with Urban Warriors Academy in Vauxhall, 18:30 - 20:00

GoSweat | Muay Thai Urban Warriors Academy

Anything that is known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ has us excited (or scared - it’s hard to tell). Fortunately there are no octopuses in play here, however the ability to use fists, elbows, knees and shins does bring about a slightly scared face. All this is done whilst standing and mastering the 8 limbs creates a truly unique and efficient full contact fighter.

The sport has it routes in a legendary fighter from Siam (Thailand). He was captured and offered his release if he could win a fight. This might sound a bit Hollywood, but his style of fight became the forebearer of Muay Thai. The sport was ‘created’ in the 19th century, but as with many martial arts, has ancient routes that were more recently turned into a sport.

If I can master the Superman punch, it will be £15 well spent! Find out more and register here.

Day 10: Reformer Pilates at Dynamic Pilates in Clapham, 18:00 - 19:00

GoSweat | Reformer Pilates Dynamica Pilates

No it’s not a torture device or something from Fifty Shades of Grey (behave). It’s a Reformer bed, used for taking your Pilates routine to a whole new place! Dynamica takes your reformer workout to new levels, incorporating Pilates principles with functional fitness exercises. Their whole-body exercises will have you lunging and twisting in a safe and low-impact way. The Foundation class is a standard class in which you can familiarise yourself with the exercises but always with the opportunity to make the exercises more challenging.

At £20 a class, it’s not cheap, but after 10 days of working out, your body will thank you for the low-impact workout. You can hear more about the benefits of Pilates by listening to pilates instructor & Founder of Asteria Pilates, Natalie Clough, when she featured on the podcast, SweatCast. Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 11: The Punch at Robinson Fitness in Clapham, 18:15 - 19:00

GoSweat | Robinson Fitness Clapham

Tom Robinson opened his pristine studio just a few short months ago, so everything here is spick and span. A variety of different classes are on offer, with our Pick of the bunch being ‘The Punch’. Mixing up skipping, functional exercises and of course, punching, expect an exhausting and exhilarating workout.

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 12: Gentle Yoga with Nell in Balham, 9:30 - 10:30

GoSweat | Yoga-Forever Balham Nell

Slow things down this Friday and head over to Nell’s place for some chilled out Yoga. Gentle yoga classes run at a slower pace and are suitable for everyone. Nell’s emphasis is on having fun whilst exercising and enjoying the benefits of relaxation at the end of a class. Her classes are dynamic and energizing and suitable for everyone.

And at just £13 a class, why not? Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 13: Outdoor Bootcamp with Lean Body Bootcamp in Clapham, 9:30 - 10:00

GoSweat | Lean Body Bootcamps Clapham

Lean Body Bootcamp is all about efficient and effective bootcamps, but don’t let the 30 minute time fool you. For a travelling bootcamp, they pack in a lot of gear - ladders, ropes, balls and bags, all for the small, friendly, group taking part.

Although this isn’t one of their early morning sessions (which start as early as 6am during the week) getting up and sweaty on a Saturday morning helps set the weekend in motion.

Your first class is free as a taster session, and takes place in Clapham. Find out more and register here.

Day 14: Outdoor Bootcamp with Happy Bootcamps in Clapham, 10:30 - 11:30

GoSweat | Happy Bootcamps

Don’t let the name give this one any false pretences. The instructor may be incredibly happy and the music upbeat, but don’t expect to be capable of holding a smile the whole time.Happy Bootcamps really do the ‘no-frills’ bootcamp, to perfection! No equipment or facilities, but a real sense of atmosphere and community, as everyone sweats together.

It’s free and always will be :) Book your spot here.

Day 15: Krav Maga with Krav Maga Social Defence in Brixton, 19:00 - 20:30

GoSweat | Krav Maga Social Defence Brixton

Krav Maga is Martial Arts number 5 of 31 days and marks the halfway point (kinda!). No rest for the wicked however as this Israeli fighting system focuses on physical aggression and simultaneous attack and defence. This intro session will cover the basics of a concept that has taken the best practical fighting styles and made them rapidly teachable. Although not classes as a sport, as there are no competitions, Krav Maga still has a grading system up to black belt, with U.S Marines known to favour this over other Martial Arts.

The practical use of Krav Maga, teaches you to use any item without touching distance to defence and attack. So much of what Bruce Willis did to those baddies over Christmas, can be related to Krav Maga.

3 hours of intense physical aggression - bring it on!

Day 16: Alignment Based Yoga in Clapham Junction, 18:15 - 19:15

GoSweat | Kelly Brooks Yoga Clapham Junction

Kelly’s Yoga classes are based on a different theme each week, classes are energetic creating a relaxed environment to stimulate and challenge you within your own capabilities, building strength and overcoming boundaries. You don’t need to Om or chant to join her classes, just be open to trying something new and having a laugh. If you are inflexible or injured, she’ll give you props to enhance a proper use of alignment so even the most tense body will be able to stretch and see a difference after just one class. Life begins when you move out of your comfort zone.

At just £10 a class, it’s a steal, but classes are small, so to avoid disappointment book early here.

Day 17: Spinning at OnCore in Clapham, 7:00 - 8:00

GoSweat | OnCore Clapham Spinning

17 days into the New Year and we’re ready to feel the beat! OnCore Spin is a intense yet rewarding workout, which takes place on a bicycle. It is a full body workout, which will leave you wanting more with sprints, resistance tracks, weights – all choreographed to the beat of the music. The tensions of the static bikes are adjusted throughout the class, which allows you to tailor the session to your own personal ability. At £16 pounds a class it’s not cheap but boy will you feel the burn.

For more information and to book, visit oncore.

Day 18: Women’s Football with Open Air Fit in Wandsworth, 9:30 - 10:30

GoSweat | Open Air Fit Womens Football Wandsworth

Another one just for the Ladies - Womens Football. It doesn’t matter if you’re the next David Beckham or if you’ve never kicked a football in your life, Open Air Fit’s drop-in footie sessions are open to all. Expect to have fun, meet new friends and do a fair bit of cardio - chasing that ball, all for £12.

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 19: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Wave BJJ in Elephant and Castle, 18:00 - 19:00

GoSweat | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wave BJJ

Day 19 brings about the 5th (check that) Martial Arts. Although we are still novices, this one we have tried before. Lorenzo has to be one of the best teachers out there, and he has a way of teaching that insights confidence and acute interest. BJJ is meant to offer this, acting as a guide for a way of life, rather than simply being a martial art.

Unlike many of those before, BJJ is largely ground based - sparring is called rolling. So rather than punching and kicking, think guarding, mounting and escaping, all at lighting pace. Strength plays a part in this sport, but skill and experience is the key determining factor. 

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 20: Outdoor Bootcamp with Swift Fitness in Clapham, 10:00 - 11:00

GoSweat | Swift Fitness Silent Disco Bootcamp Clapham

It’s impossible to get through a Swift Fitness Class without a smile on your face. Whether it’s because you get to have a private boogie, whilst you workout wearing wireless headphones – think silent disco Bootcamp! Or because you get to punch away your stresses, whilst making new friends. Or maybe it’s the super friendly instructors. Either way, you'll be sure you use your face muscles, through grinning so much.

The addition of the wireless headphones, makes this boot camp so much more than just a workout in the park. The carefully selected playlists have just the right amount of cheese (think Doctor Jones – Aqua) combined with modern beats (think I Feel it Coming – The Weekends). So you’ll be suitably motivated/distracted, all the way through, from the alternating bodyweight circuits.

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 21: FreeRunner with Free Fitness in Clapham, 10:30 - 11:30

GoSweat | Free Fitness bootcamp Clapham

Free Fitness offers a variety of outdoor fitness classes, including Bootcamps, HIIT, Shred & Burn, Fightclub and FreeRunner. Today we’ll be trying out the later, FreeRunner circuits combine ex-forces and athletic training drills. Circuits are a combination of mixed lower and upper body  running and sprinting workouts, to specifically tone and shape the entire body whilst increasing endurance and all round cardiovascular function and output. Classes are designed specifically to improve heart and lung capacity and boost performance in sport and everyday activity.

So what are you waiting for, find out more and book your Free Taster Session here.

Day 22: Fencing with Brixton Fencing Club in Brixton, 18:00 - 19:30

GoSweat | Brixton Fencing Club

Ever wondered what it would be like to be James Bond in Die Another Day? Or how many times can you say How many times can you say ‘on-guard‘ before it gets old? *Spoiler Alert* it never gets old!gets old! Well at Brixton Fencing Club you can make those ponders a reality for a mere £13.

Brixton Fencing Club is at the heart of a community of fencers of all ages and abilities. The club specialises in epee and has a supply of fencing equipment provided free of charge at each session.

Find out more and book your spot here. Now - “On-guad!”

Day 23: Table Tennis with Scottish UNI Alumni in Clapham Junction, 19:00 - 20:30

GoSweat | Table Tennis Clapham Junction

Here’s one for the pub quiz, table tennis is the most popular racquet sport in the world, and no that doesn’t include drunkenly playing it in the Four Thieves!

Taking place in Clapham Baptist Church, this laid back and social get together caters to all standards, with some light hearted competition added into the mix. Hopefully a trip to the pub afterwards too (for those not on dry January… still).

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 24: Body Tone with Off the Rails in Clapham Junction, 7:00 - 8:00  

GoSweat | Off the Rails Body Tone Clapham Junction

24 days in and are you ready to dance? This low-cardio class combines strengthening and toning all through the use of body weight exercises. The class incorporates fitness, yet effective, low-impact exercises appropriate for dancers and non-dancers, both male and female. We work on all the key areas of your body; legs, glutes, arms, core and more. Just because it's low impact, it doesn't mean you won't work hard and work up a sweat.

Find out more and book your spot at Off the Rails.

Day 25: Mat Pilates with Holistic Body Focus in Clapham North, 18:45 - 19:45

GoSweat | Mat Pilates Holistic Body Focus

Hannah Brown, Holistic Body Focus Founder and Teacher, holds her practises in the most beautiful of spaces, just a short stroll from Clapham North tube stop is a characterful studio – complete with wooden floors, original beams and a fireplace. It truly is a sanctuary for body and mind.

With your body at peace, Hannah, moves through Pilates exercises’, focusing on the basics. With minor adjustments and attention to detail, she helps ensure each exercise is completed correctly, with maximum effect.

So whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, Pilates will help you feel refreshed, stretched and a little stronger.

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 26: Crossfit Introduction with Crossfit Vauxhall in Vauxhall, 12:45 - 13:30

GoSweat | Vauxhall Crossfit

Run by the same team that set-up the first ‘Box’ (that’s a crossfit gym) in London, Crossfit Vauxhall accepts no half hearted effort. Whilst there isn’t enough space here to go into the details of Crossfit, or the language, here are the basics.

Setup almost 20 years ago, Crossfit has become something of a fitness sensation. There are now nearly 15,000 official crossfit gyms, all adhering to the same principles - To be the fittest possible. Think combining gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and machines that have never brought anything but pain and suffering. Classes are an hour, setup by the instructor and often follow the same workout across the globe - called the WOD (workout of the Day).

Not for the faint hearted, but these people act like a family, leaving no person behind. Book your spot by visiting Crossfit Vauxhall here.

Day 27: 5K/10K Run in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 10:15 - Later

GoSweat | Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Run

27 days later (who did the planning? Why isn’t it 28?) we are back out and running and hopefully a bit quicker. This time it’s in East London at the Olympic Velodrome park. You can pick various different distances, and at only £15 for a 10K, it’s an absolute bargain.

Hopefully there won’t be too many Mo Farah wannabe’s and more people looking for a great day out in the sun. We can dream! Book your start time here

Day 28: Rabble with JoinRabble in Clapham, 11.00 - 12:00

GoSweat | Rabble JoinRabble Clapham

To those that have done it, Rabble is such a simple idea. To those from the outside, you might be wondering what on earth is going on.

Setup by GB athlete to be, Charlotte Roach, Rabble, literally translates to ‘Rowdy Mob’. It’s sole aim is to bring fun back into fitness. With a slogan ‘Get Fit. Meet People. Have Fun’ you know what they are all about.Dodging balls, crawling between cones, catching flying vortexes, kicking giant balls, Rabble do things a little different and make no apologies. Sessions are normally an hour long and bring back some playground classics - British Bulldogs, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag.

Find out more and book your spot here.

Day 29: Circuits with Brixton Street Gym in Brixton, 19:00 - 20:00

GoSweat | Brixton Street Gym Circuits

Not many of our workouts evoke quite the same emotional reaction that Brixton Street Gym does. A truly unique and incredible programme.Based out of a community centre in Brixton, the gym is a warehouse, covered in incredible artwork and with bars, weights, mats and gymnastics apparatus. Just above this is a sound station to put every other gym to shame, creating an amazing energetic workout space.Although free sessions are run, and a membership for the gym is available, we have picked the Circuits session that runs every Monday. We are expecting this to be one of the toughest and funnest workouts this month.

If only everybody has the same attitude towards sport and how it can bring the community together!

Sessions are just £2, and you can find out more and book your spot here.

Day 30: Kung Fu with Wing Chun School in Clapham, 19:30 - 21:15

GoSweat | Kung Fu with Wing Chun School

No panda’s here I’m afraid, just a sport that requires patience, energy and time. With a background that quite literally means ‘hard work’, Kung fu has become common place when referring to any Chinese Martial Art. At the Wing Chun School, the exact definition is not of importance. Instead, scientific concepts and principles are used to govern the practice of self-defence. The system creates this effective form of self-defence through, you guessed it, time, patience and hard-work. Ip Man teaches this by intertwining ‘Economy of Motion’ and ‘Conservation of Energy’.

Drop-in classes cost just £10 and you can find out more and book your spot here.

Day 31: Kickboxing with 9 Rounds in Wandsworth, 19:00 - 19:30

GoSweat | 9Rounds Kickboxing

We round off the month with a bang, perhaps the most self explanatory of sports - kickboxing. What makes this one a little different is how it’s presented.

The fundamentals are there - stand up martial art, with a history in Muay Thai and Karate, Kickboxing focused on self defence and utilises the powerful lower half of your body.

Each 9Round workout is the same -  9 consecutive 3 minute rounds. Classes start every 3 minutes, and you work around the stations, with the help of the instructors. Everything is bag based, so there is no risk of being hit and the workout changes every day.

Lets hope our legs are up to it by day 31!

Find out more and book your spot here.

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