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3 Ways To Increase Engagement with A Wellness Benefit

February 21, 2019
HR Wisdom

Corporate wellness benefits are an excellent way of supporting your employees’ health and well-being. Yet for one reason or another, they often fail to engage the majority of employees. Sometimes it's because employees are just unaware that the benefit exists, and sometimes the benefits fail to offer individuals what they are looking when it comes to wellness support from their employer. What's worrying is that the repercussions of an underused wellness benefit can trickle down into every aspect of the business. From productivity to recruitment, fuelling an unattractive corporate wellness benefit can have detrimental effects. With that in mind, the following are three key tips that could help increase engagement with the right wellness benefit.

1. Inform

In a recent Aon survey, it was calculated that employers have picked up on the importance of increasing the employees’ understanding of their benefits. A staggering 97% believing it to be at least 'important', with 53% believing it to be 'extremely important'. This is a critical first step. Employees need to know that, not only the benefit exists, but how they can utilise it. At GoSweat, when we initiate a partnership with a company, we make sure that we hit the ground running. Our first priority is to ensure that employees are presented (and will have continuous access to) all the information they could possibly need to understand the value they can gain from the benefit. We send over a variety of posters to be pinned up across the office; each employee receives an explanatory welcome email; and each one of our partners is assigned an account manager who is on hand to answer any outstanding questions they might have. Too often employees are in the dark when it comes to their wellness benefits. Therefore, the foundation of any successful benefit is the employees themselves understanding how to interact with it and, more important, appreciate its value.

Spin class
Spin class, anyone?

2. Give Time

According to Forbes, more than ‘half of employees aren’t willing to devote an hour a day to wellness’. Thus, if an employer was to take their employees' well-being seriously, they might want to consider giving them the time to get active during the workday. The length of time and involvement of the employer is entirely down to their discretion. However, we would advise giving your employee the autonomy to take their well-being into their own hands. Give them the platform to be active, but try not to micromanage their well-being journey. In her recent article for the Financial Times, Anjana Ahuja rallies against employer-led fitness stating:  

“staff-led lunchtime walks”? Can you imagine anything more dispiriting than feeling press-ganged to spend your daily quota of me-time marching in step, Pied Piper-style, behind your line manager?

Trust in your employees to use the time they are given to advance their own personal well-being. Giving them this autonomy will also allow them to explore their unique fitness preferences.  Whether it be attending an indoor rowing class or a meditation session, everyone has their unique preferences when it comes to bettering their health and well-being. If an employer can offer their employees a chance to step away from their desk and engage with the wellness benefit in a way that works for them, then an increase in engagement is inevitable.

3. Incentivise & Celebrate

Giving employees the chance to pursue their fitness goals is one thing, but incentivising and celebrating with them when those goals are hit is a whole new ball game. At GoSweat, we’ve witnessed the huge success that incentives have on employees. Our flexible wellness benefit is centred around engaging the workforce and celebrating every individual’s successes. From the moment an employee first interacts with our platform, they have the ability to set their personal fitness goals. Then, when they hit these goals, we are the first ones to make a fuss about it. Plus, we’re not just talking about generic congratulatory emails, no, we’re talking physical rewards. Fitness apparel, water bottles, sweatbands, various healthy snacks, recipes, and so much more. We send them directly to the individual so there is no hassle for them. All they have to focus on is their personal wellness journey. Check out our blog post that talks all about our rewards here.

Welcome Box
The GoSweat Welcome Box

Employers don’t have to settle for low engagement when it comes to employee benefits. This is especially true for an important benefit such as a wellness package. At GoSweat, we pride ourselves on high engagement with our flexible fitness benefit - GoSweat for Work. We partner with companies and work cooperatively to create the best wellness experience possible. From the moment the rollout begins, we are there to help inform and engage employees. We make sure they understand what GoSweat for Work is, and what value it can bring to their well-being. Moreover, the extensive variety of experiences on the platform will suit almost any lifestyle. With classes running throughout the day (and into the night), individuals will be able to find a class and a time that works for them. So if they want to take their lunch break to de-stress in a meditation class, they can. If they want to leave work a little early to catch their favourite spin class, they can do that too. Between a focused engagement strategy, an authentic incentive program and your good work, you can make your next employee benefit your most successful one ever.

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