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3 Steps to a Well-Being Focused Workplace

February 21, 2019
HR Wisdom

According to MIND, 60 per cent of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental well-being. Now more than ever, it is important that employers appreciate their role in supporting their employees' well-being. A well-being focused workplace might seem like a costly and unnecessary hassle. However, not only is it possible to foster such an environment without much trouble, but it is also definitely worth doing. The following are three manageable steps that an employer can take to begin nurturing a well-being focused workplace.

Well-being working man

1. Raise Awareness

Too often in workplaces employees either don’t recognise decreased in, or are afraid to speak up about, their personal well-being. Breaking down these cultural barriers are an excellent first step. It’s important that employees are able to identify both deteriorations in their well-being and the support routes available to them. There is often a need to proactively challenge the toxic culture that means employees, who are experiencing lows in their personal well-being, won’t speak up about it - this is especially true for mental health problems. Thus, fostering an environment where such issues are recognised and handled appropriately is an important foundation to lay in any workplace.

2. Establish a new work-life balance

With flexible and remote working soon to become the norm, expectations of work are changing. Gone are the 9-5 work days, and the cubical workspaces, and with them, the established expectations of work. Therefore, it is important that employers work with their employees to set an updated work-life balance. Employees need to know what is expected of them in this new world of work. Once established, this balance needs to be promoted. It’s redundant if employees aren’t aware of the new work standard. If not informed, they'd never shake off the old expectations of working. The result of which will likely be stress, as they’d believe they are not meeting the expectations of their employer - even though the expectations have changed.

3.Well-being focused benefits

Finally, an employee benefit that is specifically focused on the employees’ well-being is a huge leap into fostering a well-being centred workplace. A flexible wellness benefit, such as GoSweat for Work, give employees the freedom to take control of their well-being and be active however, wherever and whenever they like. GoSweat for Work gives them the opportunity to book a variety of classes, all focused on improving their well-being. From meditation to Pilates, they can keep active however they like. Plus, from the perspective of the employee, a wellness benefit is tangible proof that their employer is proactively taking steps to support their personal well-being.

A well-being focused workplace is just around the corner, and this could not be more of a good thing. As the world of recruitment becomes more talent-driven, and the world of work becomes more flexible, it seems that now is the perfect time to be taking steps towards forming a well-being focused workplace.

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