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10 spooky Halloween Races

July 17, 2019
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10 spooky Halloween races around the world

Feeling like you need to swap your weights for trick or treat bags this month? Your lycra leggings for fangs and fake blood? As spooky as it seems, you don’t have to neglect your workout routine just because it’s Halloween. Here are 10 ghoulishly great, frighteningly fun events around the world where you can get your sweat and your scare on:

Sleepy Hollow 10K, New York, USA

Sleepy Hollow 10K.jpg

Running through Sleepy Hollow, New York, should be a long as you’re not being chased by the Headless Horseman that is. This 10K run takes you passed the town’s best and creepiest sights, including a stretch of the Hudson River, Headless Horseman Bridge and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Despite its legendary folklore, this town boasts a beautiful run, so if you happen to be nearby on the 28th of October be sure to sign up to this eerie 10K.

Don’t lose your head, find out more here.

Halloween 5 Nite Run, Reading, UK


If you’re in the UK and fancy something a little closer to home, then this 5K course in Thames Valley Park on the 31st of October is the perfect local haunt. Get dressed up in your spookiest, and prepare to face the night air as you make your way through a dark and daunting course (lit up for safety, of course) and head for the free hot drinks to warm up, which include pumpkin there a better post-race snack? Nope.

Get your costume at the ready and register here.

Day of the Dead Run, Texas, USA

Day of the Dead Run.jpg

Otherwise known as the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ run, this 5 and 10K course celebrates the Mexican festival by encouraging runners to dress in their Day of the Dead best. Taking place on the 28th of October, it’s perfect Halloween timing, and may just have our vote for the best race medal EVER. That’s one for the wall.

Get ready to polish your medal, register here.

Trick or Treat Run, London, UK


Taking place in Southwark Park, London, on the 28th of October, the Trick or Treat Run not only plays host to some of the best costumes you’ll see all Halloween weekend, but finishers receive a...don’t drop your candy corn...glow in the dark medal! Whether you sign up to the afternoon fun run or the evening spooky run, this 5K looks like a ghostly good night out.

Trick or treat or find out more here.

Spook Hill 4-Mile Run, Maryland, USA


On Saturday the 21st of October in scenic Burkittsville, Maryland, runners will make their way through this historic town, up Spook Hill and into the Boordy Winery Vineyard, passing Union Cemetery, Guyton's Farm, and the Distillery Lane Ciderwork's Orchard. While the only real spooky thing about this event is its name, running through a vineyard is the feature of this 4-mile run that’s put it on the map, and the unique course is a must-do if you happen to be visiting Maryland.

Get your ticket to spook-town here.

Boo Night Run, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Boo Night Run Malaysia.JPG

This run looks more like a night rave than a race, but seems the perfect way to spend your Halloween weekend if you’re in Malaysia. Taking place on the 28th of October outside of Kuala Lumpur, this 5K sees kids and adults alike running in orange Halloween T-shirts and devil horns, before rejoining the evening entertainment for music and dancing. Forget trick or treating, this is where the party’s at.

Dust off your devil horns and sign up here.

The Great Pumpkin Haul, Denver, USA

Great Pumpkin Haul.jpg

Only 2 miles you say? Pfft, easy! Well you might not be saying that after you’ve hauled a hefty gourd for the whole run. This event may be short, but get ready to use your biceps as you take your prize pumpkin for a run on the 28th of October, dodging obstacles as you go and taking in the scenic Botanical Gardens. Before the race begins, you’ll pick out your very own pumpkin from Chatfield’s pumpkin patch, then it’s up to you to get yours to the end of the course in one piece!

Don’t squish your squash, register here.

Zombie Run, Bishop Auckland, UK

Zombie Run UK.jpg

Running away from zombies might be the stuff of nightmares, but it’s amazing how many events there are where people pay to do exactly that. Zombie Run UK is one of them, but with exciting obstacles, protective equipment and decontamination supplies, it takes zombie fun to a whole new level. Bring your A-game for this 5K on the 29th of October, and prepare to run faster than ever. If flesh-eating zombies can’t motivate you to run, then nothing will.

Run for your life and register here.

Sydney Zombie Walk, Australia

While some may not consider ‘walking’ a race, we couldn’t possibly leave this one out, even though it takes place 4 days after Halloween. Fancy strolling around Sydney, Australia, on the 4th of November surrounded by thousands of zombies? No? Don’t worry, these ones won’t chase you, in fact you can go dressed as a zombie yourself and even get your scary face on with the help of onsite makeup artists before enjoying some zombie themed snacks around the course. Freakishly good fun.

Sound like your kind of Halloween? Sign up here.

Devil’s Chase 6.66-Mile Run, Salem, USA


Salem is arguably the Halloween capital of the world, but while it’s known for its witchy history, on the 28th of October the devil comes out to play, pitchfork and all. Participants will dress in their devilish best and run passed Salem’s best known landmarks, including the Salem Common, Peabody Essex Museum, a real haunted house, the Custom House, Salem’s Derby Wharf and the House of Seven Gables. Don your horns and sign up to run this cleverly planned 6.66 mile course.

Make your deal with the devil here.

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